Gifts for writers that are more innovative than a notebook

Gifts for writers that are more innovative than a notebook

Notebooks are the most commonly gifted accessories to writers. It has become so common, that one can say writers have become sick of being gifted notebooks. At best, some people come up with is diaries. But that again is another equivalent of a notebook. But then, what to gift writers? Sure, there are some goods, but that requires you to be innovative.

We are going to inform you about a few gifts that can be given to writers, which are more innovative than a notebook.

  1. Waterproof notepads.

Writers are generally lost in thoughts. But, at every instant, it is not possible for them to pen down their ideas in a proper notebook. For example, thoughts might be striking them when they have showers. But at that very instant, how can the writer pen down the thoughts? Waterproof notepads are an ideal solution to this problem. One can write as much as they want even when surrounded by water. It won’t make an ounce of difference. You should consider waterproof notepads as a gift option. It is very innovative as well as helpful for writers.

  1. A calendar cum year planner.

This is a very underrated and less discussed gift for writers, but it can be beneficial. They always look forward to improving their writings and make them sharper. It is possible to do so by each passing day. That can be done with the help of a calendar cum year planner. Writers can set their goals accordingly. They can do small bits of work every day that way. It will also help them maintain their word count per day. You should go for gifting a calendar cum year planner to the writers. It is very useful.

  1. A collection of fountain pens.

Writers generally look forward to maintaining their handwriting. It is said, that the best type of pen to maintain handwriting is fountain pen or ink pen. You can gift a collection or a set of fountain pens to them. Of course, it will be very expensive, but the money is worth it. But you need not to be disappointed. There are many online websites, where there are discount codes available. You can visit Hotozcoupons AU!

  1. A typewriter or a laptop.

Some writers may prefer typing instead of making handwritten notes. You can gift them typewriters or laptops. This is an excessively expensive gift. It is not at all cost effective, but the services that it provides are exquisite. However, if you have budget constraints, you can buy mini laptops. These are of a lower price range, but they offer top notch service. However, this is a handy gift.

  1. A portfolio.

The most important or handy gift that you can gift writers is a portfolio. Writers keep writing for a lot of hours throughout their day. It is their habit, or rather their addiction. A lot of papers and sheets are used for this purpose. Thus, it becomes indispensable that writers store their documents properly in a place. If not, there is a huge chance of them losing a few of their pages. They might also misplace their pages. This problem commonly arises when writers stack their papers abruptly on their tables or in their room. To avoid that, the most significant solution is a portfolio. It is a case which is vital for storage of a collection of papers in a place together. You might, or rather should consider portfolio as a gift option. Leather portfolios are the most recommended type, as it is said that they last longer than plastic ones. This is also not much costly. It is pocket-friendly, as well as handy. So it is greatly advised that you go for buying a portfolio as a gift. You can also buy a collection of portfolios as writers write a lot on a daily basis.

As you can see, there are a plethora of gifts mentioned above which you can give to writers. These are more innovative than just a notebook, which has become quite common these days.

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